Why Out source?

So why out-source Local Government tasks ? 

With growing concerns about the economic crisis and the increasing number of people accessing  social care funding, Local Authorities are looking for alternative ways of saving money as well as generating new funding streams.  By out sourcing certain work the authority can save money through having to pay staffing costs, no sickness or holiday pay, premise costs andthey can ensure that there is value for money from each of the tax payers pounds.

What makes a good “Out Sourcing Venture ?” 

There are many tasks that can be out-sourced, it needs to be a task that can be done in it own right.  Direct Payment Reconciliation is a great example of this.  The reconciliation form/spreadsheets are submitted to the authority by the person receiving the Direct Payment and the authority must reconcile and check that the money is being used for the correct service and that there isn’t any surpluses that could be used elsewhere.

This task can be monitored on a piece work schedule.  By giving Social Care Accounting the responsibility of calculating the reconciliations and only being paid based on the work done,  this means that the authority has the assurance that the work will be done, will be timely and accurate.

I believe that out-sourcing of this nature is the future of social care financial monitoring and will lead the way to efficient, flexible contracts with outside resources, rather than paying local government workers salaries whether the work gets done or not.

Is this the way future ..I believe so



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