The Future Of Social Care

In November 2010 the Care Services Minister Paul Burstow launched

“A vision for adult social care: Capable communities and active citizens”.

Step forward to centre stage..personalised services and outcomes  for those needing adults services in the future

The government’s vision for a modern system of social care is built on seven principles:

Prevention: empowered people and strong communities will work together to maintain independence. Where the state is needed, it supports communities and helps people to retain and regain independence.

Personalisation: individuals not institutions take control of their care. Personal budgets, preferably as direct payments, are provided to all eligible people. Information about care and support is available for all local people, regardless of whether or not they fund their own care.

Partnership: care and support delivered in a partnership between individuals, communities, the voluntary and private sectors, the NHS and councils – including wider support services, such as housing.

Plurality: the variety of people’s needs is matched by diverse service provision, with a broad market of high quality service providers.

Protection: there are sensible safeguards against the risk of abuse or neglect. Risk is no longer an excuse to limit people’s freedom.

Productivity: greater local accountability will drive improvements and innovation to deliver higher productivity and high quality care and support services. A focus on publishing information about agreed quality outcomes will support transparency and accountability.

People: we can draw on a workforce who can provide care and support with skill, compassion and imagination, and who are given the freedom and support to do so. We need the whole workforce, including care workers, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers, alongside carers and the people who use services, to lead the changes set out here.

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