The Direct Payment Reconciliation Specialists

Direct Payment reconciliations are a requirement made between the Local Authority (LA) and the Service User as part of the agreement to receive a Direct Payment.

The reconciliation process not only safe guards public money but also gives reassurance to the service users that the funding is still applicable and that they are spending it in the correct manner.
Many Financial teams within social care struggle to keep on top of the workload and when quarterly reconciliations arrive on the local offices doorsteps many just get added to the bottom of an ever growing list of things to do, do I know this ..I have been there!

So’s how Social Care Accounting can help ..let us do the work for you.

We are dedicated, reliable and security conscious. Because we are a small company, we can work flexibly with you to provide you with a first class, cost effective alternative.
We are not a simple temping agency, we only work with Social Care Teams as an out sourcing resource.

With the government changing the way in which the funding formula for social care is calculated even more funding cuts are likely.  That with the increased pressures of an ageing population, and medical technology improving the life of people with learning and physical disabilities, LA’s are looking for different ways to make savings.

Social Care Accounting means that there are:
No staff to employ
No cost of sickness
No pension costs
No down time costs
No property costs
No technology costs
No overheads

We just get paid for what we do ..for the number of reconciliations we calculate, letters we send and queries we sort out.
Value added service is our number one goal!

Social Care Accounting
The Direct Payment Reconciliations Specialists
We aim to support the primary focus of authorities:  giving support at an affordable, sustainable price.We understand that service users need to have more of a say in how their social care needs are provided and sourced.  The introduction to self-directed support, is likely to increase direct payments and we feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for Social Care Accounting to assist you in providing a first class service.

The service that we provide:

We can reconcile all of your direct payments and calculate any reclaims due to be made by your service users.

  • Confirm payments have been made in accordance with the service users care plan
  • Calculate pre-payments and accruals at the end of the accounting period
  • Estimate the number of direct payments made to service users and forecast the costs for the new financial year.
  • Ensure that service user details are secure and confidential
  • Issue reminders and give support to service users as required
  • Liaise with care workers as needed
  • A tailor made service for each local authority to develop and enhance a clear, concise and timely provision
  • Monthly reconciliations to check what is being reported in the authorities care provision records matches to the financial ledger.

Best Value for Money :

  • We have dedicated staff that have social care financial experience that can focus just on your direct payment cases
  • This is a unique service that is adaptable, focused and approachable.
  • Only pay for each direct payment claim that we assess for you, rather than a set contract price
  • Savings to the authority:
  • No premise costs
  • No staffing costs
  • No staff supervision or sickness issues
  • Cheaper overheads
  • No issues with staff vacancies
  • No long tied in contracts

Customer Service:
We believe that customer service is an important factor in our work:

  • A committed team member will be there to deal with any issues that you may have with the service that we are providing
  • We offer flexible contracts – if your service changes long term, we can be flexible to be able to work with you
  • Flexible reporting – Any reporting needs can be arranged as part of the contract
  • All service users that we contact will be communicated with, with the utmost respect  – we know the importance of representing you in the manner that is fitting with a top class service
  • We treat service users as people rather than statistics, understanding the service users needs as well as the authorities.


  • We use one of the latest IT security systems and backup our files everyday
  • We have a limited number of assessors accessing any confidential information
  • Where possible identifying numbers are used to provide another level of  security for our database
  • All staff are CRB checked and rigorous interview processes undertaken
  • Hard copies are kept secure and tracked if in transit

Reliable information:
We can provide:

  • Monthly financial reports
  • Calculate any accruals and pre-payments that may affect the authorities reporting
  • Calculate reclaims of any overpayments or surpluses due
  • Issue and record any cheques due and received as required
  • Reconcile the Direct payment database/care records with your authorities financial ledger

Timely Response:
We aim to collect and calculate your direct payments reconciliations within 21 working days.  This ensures that:

  • Your reporting and billing is effective and timely
  • Service users know that the direct payments that they are accessing are correct and are aware if any balances are owing
  • We provide a consistence approach to calculating the reclaims, reporting issues and dealing with any issues.  This ensures that there is no “postcode lottery” within the county.

Who we are:

Although we are a new company, Social Care Accounting is a team of accountants with vast experience in Public Sector Services.  These include Social Care, Local Government Benefits and planning resources for the Royal Mail.

We are reliable, trustworthy and ensure security of all information.
All our staff is police checked and scrutinised to ensure that our entire team member’s have values to match with those who we are working with.

Our IT skills are wide too including:
Microsoft applications:  Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, Access Database applications
SWIFT – financials
SAP – accounting and ledgers systems

Because we are a small team we are focused on results and dedicated to service delivery.  We find that our team is more effective being self-employed rather than working directly for the local authority.
We can therefore offer a very competitive price due to having lower heads, without losing any of the quality of service.

Making it work for you :
Security of information is high on our agenda therefore we have devised the following:

  • One of staff will visit your local offices – we realise that your authority is likely to be located in more than one office therefore we are happy to visit up to 4 office locations over the course of 2 weeks.
  • We can either scan the relevant documents into our secure database: Data such as reconciliation sheets, care plan details, etc OR collect the hard copy reconciliations which would be returned within 21 working days
  • The team will then access these documents and start the reconciliations
  • Any enquiries regarding the reconciliations will be made to either the care worker or the clients directly
  • We will record the results in a spreadsheet
  • The local authority approved letters will then be issued to the service users detailing any further action needed
  • If we have access to the authorities systems we can either issue an invoice for the reclaim or make any projection changes needed.
  • We will calculate the number of reclaims not yet in your billing system to aid the monitoring each month.
  • We would arrange for a monthly report to be sent and a download of the ledger system to be submitted to us to enable us to reconcile your reporting against the actuals shown in the ledger
  • Any other monitoring or analysis needed can be arranged.


Start from £12.50 per reconciliation
Rolling 3-month contracts available
Monthly billing based on estimated cases assessed and balanced every quarter

How to Contact Us :
Telephone:     call Karen on 07402 172488

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